OUR Achievements

  • Supported the conservation of the coral reef and lagoon ecosystem around Rodrigues.
  • Set up no-take zones and multiple-use marine protected area to help secure the health of our marine habitat and species diversity and support the sustainable use of fish and octopus stocks.
  • Educated 1000's of school children about the marine life found around Rodrigues and how to protect it.
  • Trained 1000's of Rodriguan children and fishers to swim, snorkel and SCUBA dive, and to monitor catches of fish and octopus.
  • Researched the diversity and abundance of marine life around Rodrigues. 
  • Mapped the complex coral reef lagoon ecosystem found around our island.
  • Studied the physical forces influencing the marine ecosystem around our island.
Reef conservation through information and education.
— Shoals Rodrigues