Our History

Shoals Rodrigues Association was established in 2001 to continue the work of the successful Shoals of Capricorn Programme.

The Shoals of Capricorn Programme was a 3 year project run by the Royal Geographical Society and Royal Society in the United Kingdo that spanned the entire Mascarene region. The programme succeeded in increasing knowledge and awareness of the seas around Rodrigues.

Shoals Rodrigues was founded by a small team of enthusiastic Rodriguan people that participated in the Shoals Capricorn Programme. Supported by national and international grants, they set up the association, focussed on the three pillars of marine research, education and outreach.

During the past fifteen years our staff have successfully continue this work through projects to educate, research and support our communities. 

Shoals Rodrigues works closely with other local organizations, as well as visiting scientist and international volunteers. The continued enthusiasm of the school kids at Club Mer clearly reveal the success of our approach. 

We are proud that Shoals Rodrigues is supported by the Rodriguan community.


Reef conservation through information and education.
— Shoals Rodrigues