Fisheries no-take zones, marine protected areas and seasonal closures are some of the management measures being used on Rodrigues to address degradation of the marine environment and declining fish catches. Shoals Rodrigues supports the fishers affected by these management measures through our community outreach, training and support programmes. Through these programmes we aim to help fishers start new sustainable alternative livelihoods, thereby helping alleviate poverty and pressure on lagoon resources at the same time.


marine Ecotourism

Shoals Rodrigues have helped fisher communities around Rodrigues to set up NGOs and to provided training to help them start new marine ecotourism businesses to provide new alternative sources of income, other than fishing.

Community Farms & Forests

Shoals Rodrigues have helped communities by providing them with livestock as an alternative income to fishing. We have also worked with partner organisations such as the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation to help set up community forests.


Climate Change Adaptation

Shoals Rodrigues have worked with local communities to help them adapt to climate change. This has included carrying out vulnerability assessments and providing rain-water harvesting tanks to help familieis affected by water shortages .